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Winter Activities On Lake Mead

More than seven million people visit Lake Mead National Recreation Area annually. It is one of the ten most-visited United States National Park Service sites. While the majority of park guests visit during the summer months, winter visitors may feel as though they have the entire lake to themselves. The decreased boat traffic and mild temperatures may be reason enough to check out Lake Mead in the winter, but there not the only reasons.

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The stunning geological formations of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area create amazing photographic opportunities. During the winter, there are opportunities for long-exposure and vast panoramic photos that you might not be able to get during the summer when the lake is teeming with visitors. Winter is also a great time to photograph the bald eagles that migrate south to Lake Mead every year.


The striped bass fishing at Lake Mead is great year-round, with catches weighing over 40 pounds on occasion. During the winter, striped bass can be found between 25 and 40 feet deep. But striped bass is not your only fishing option on Lake Mead. Winter is peak fishing season for crappie on the lake. Locals recommend fishing in coves and angling near vertical walls for the best catches at this time of year.

Scuba Diving

It’s too chilly to get into Lake Mead without a wet suit during the winter. But with a wetsuit, it’s another matter entirely. In fact, winter is the ideal season for scuba diving on Lake Mead. The cooler water inhibits algae growth, which helps with visibility. During the winter, visibility is usually 20 feet to 50 feet in Lake Mead. If you’re interested in a truly one of a kind dive, you’ll want to check out the B-29 Superfortress Bomber that crashed into the lake in 1948. The National Park Service does restrict dives to the sunken aircraft, so be sure to check out the Park Service’s B-29 Bomber webpage for more information.

This winter, escape to the wonderful world of a houseboat vacation on Lake Mead. Whether you fish, dive, take photographs, or just float – you’ll find that houseboating in winter is beyond compare. To book your winter houseboat rental at Lake Mead with Forever Houseboats, contact us today.

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