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Callville Bay Marina
Welcome to the fun and adventure of houseboating.


If you’re new to houseboating and everything that goes into planning a trip, then welcome to Houseboating 101. We’ll provide you with information to help you safely operate your houseboat as well as other tips to get the most out of your trip on the lake.

What is a houseboat exactly? Our houseboats are boats that provide all of the comforts of home while you enjoy a getaway on the lake. Our modern houseboats are designed to be fuel efficient, have minimal impact on the environment and offer comforts that are perfect for hosting a large group on your vacation. Most houseboats are designed and built in our company-owned factory and each one is tailored to the waterways on which they serve.

Houseboat rentals provide the unique opportunity to travel with a larger group with less hassle and amazing views to wake up to. Many of our houseboats support groups of up to 12 people, while in motion, with comfortable staterooms, a salon, kitchen and top deck amenities to make your lake adventures one of a kind. Explore the topics in our Houseboating 101 section for more information to plan your trip and learn safety guidelines, as well as information on our different houseboat models.

Rope tied to dock

Anchoring or Staking

360º views are just the beginning.

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Houseboat throttle

Houseboat Safety Systems

Get familiar with the on-board systems and equipment.

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hottub on top deck of Houseboat

On-Board Water Systems

Learn about on-board water management systems.

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Checklist: What to Bring

Everything you need for an unforgettable trip.

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Houseboat top deck

Safe Boating & Orientation Videos

The resources you need for a successful journey.

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houseboat docked at a beach

Safe Boating Info & Discount

Save when you make safety the #1 priority.

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