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What is there to do at Lake Mead Recreation Area?


When people ask, “What is there to do at Lake Mead?” we often answer, “What isn’t there to do?” From boating to scuba diving, here are some of our top recommendations for those planning a trip to Lake Mead Recreation Area.


With over 290 square miles of water surface to explore, Lake Mead offers up many spectacular views and exploration opportunities that can only be experienced by boat. Whether you are leaning towards renting a powerboat, or even a houseboat, you can’t go wrong with this mode of transportation. 


In addition to boating, Lake Mead goers can enjoy a hike or two during their stay. One of the more popular hikes in the area is the Historic Railroad Trail. This hike is easy, dog-friendly, and only a 7.5-mile roundtrip. For directions, additional information, and a list of other trails, visit nps.com.


Lake Mead is teaming with fish. In fact, it’s one of the top fishing lakes in the Southwest. Popular fish here include largemouth and smallmouth bass, crappies, striped bass, catfish, bluegills and sunfish. Don’t forget to purchase your fishing license before you head out.


Enjoy a relaxing afternoon atop a slow-moving, motorized raft along the Black Canyon Water Trail. Raft tours are a great way to experience the landscape and wildlife of the Lake Mead Recreation Area, all while being chauffeured by your personal tour guide. Check out Black Canyon River Adventures for more details.


Experience the great outdoors like you never have before with a lakeside camping trip to Lake Mead. Unplug for the day and enjoy grilling, picnicking, hiking, splashing in the water, and so much more. Learn more about our campground here.

Sightsee by car

Believe it or not, there are plenty of opportunities to see the lake by car. Head down Northshore Road for a scenic drive along redstone boulders and enjoy a picnic at the gorgeous Redstone Picnic Area. Or, take Lakeshore Road for additional sightseeing and picnic stops.

Scuba Dive

Did you know that Lake Mead is often considered one of the top freshwater lakes in the world to scuba dive? Novice and professional divers travel from all over to explore the depths of Lake Mead. For a list of popular dive locations, restricted areas, general diving conditions and more, visit nps.com.

As you can see, there is plenty to do at and around Lake Mead. To further your vacation plans to unplug and experience nature, consider renting a houseboat from Callville Bay Marina. Our houseboat selection caters to almost every budget and group size. Give us a call at 800-255-5561 or visit us online to learn more.

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