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Experience Nature With Lake Mead Houseboat Rentals

A least a hundred arguments exist as to why a vacation on a rented houseboat is superior to your traditional hotel-by-the-beach: There’s less packing to do, no daily traffic to fight, no long treks to the beach with all your family’s floaties in tow. But probably the biggest advantage that Lake Mead houseboat rentals have over your standard vacation is how up-close-and-personal it gets you to nature.

The Lake Mead National Recreation Area is packed to the brim with wildlife, including 12 species of amphibians and 41 species of reptiles. And we’re not talking all scary snakes and slimy salamanders here. Many of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area’s reptiles are cute and almost cuddly, though you might want to take a towel along if you try.

Desert Tortoise

It’s Nevada’s state reptile, and everyone loves a tortoise. They can reach an age of 50 years and a length of 15 inches. They’re also officially a threatened species, so if you see one, act responsibly. It’s okay to take a picture and to observe the desert tortoise from a respectful distance, but don’t try to cuddle this guy. He’s perfectly content to be admired from afar.

Relict Leopard Frog

The relict leopard frog is just downright pretty, there’s no other word that describes her. She’s an amphibian that can be brown or green, gray or tan, and she’s deceptively small when full grown, rarely bigger than 3 inches. She has spots just like a leopard, and she’s a rare find. You’re most likely to see her near the open shoreline where there’s little vegetation. She’s not often seen, so if you do get lucky, look, don’t touch.

Texas Softshell Turtle

While the desert tortoise prefers land, the Texas softshell turtle is an aquatic adventurer. You’ll find him right in the lake if you’re lucky. He had a flat, pancake-like shell, a long neck and a pig-like snout. In short, he’s fascinating. The Texas softshell can grow up to 18 inches around, but be cautious around this guy, he bites.

When you’re ready to book one of our luxury Lake Mead houseboat rentals, contact Forever Houseboats for more information. You’re going to love the feeling of existing right alongside nature.

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