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How to Find the Perfect Place to Anchor Your Lake Mead Houseboat Rental

Cruising and navigating the open lake is only part of the full houseboating experience. When the sun sinks low and evening sets in, houseboat operators must find a good spot to anchor or stake their ship. Once an ideal shoreline is established, you can set up camp for the night (or day).

Here at Forever Houseboats, we’ve drawn up a few steps to help you find the perfect place to anchor your Lake Mead houseboat rental.

Step 1. Observe from a distance

Does the bank have plenty of sand? Will this beach provide enough shade and protection from prevailing winds? These are two common questions to ask yourself before settling on the perfect place to anchor your Lake Mead houseboat.

Step 2. Send out the scouts

If you’ve rented a small watercraft, have someone go ahead of the houseboat and scout out the beach in question. If they have determined the beach is suitable (ex: not too shallow), they’ll be able to help guide the vessel into position.

Step 3. Check below the surface

As you cruise up to a sandy bank, pay close attention to the water directly in front, underneath and to the sides of your boat. Be careful not to park too close to any large rocks.

Step 4. Park near deep water

All of our houseboats come with a built-in water slide located on the back of the vessel. Before you beach your houseboat, it’s important to check behind the boat to make sure the water is deep enough to jump in and there are no large rocks in sight.

Step 5. Stay clear of other boats

This is especially true when there’s a fair amount of wind present. Even if your houseboat is tied down, there’s still a chance it could drift several feet to the left or right. With that in mind, give yourself plenty of room when anchoring near other houseboats and watercrafts.

If you’re unfamiliar with the lake (or are simply a houseboat newbie), don’t hesitate to ask the marina staff to point out some ideal places on a map to beach your boat. After all, it never hurts to have peace of mind as you cruise along the vast surface of Lake Mead.

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