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Top 10 Adventurous Things to Do at Lake Mead  

Looking for a bit of adventure? If your idea of vacationing is to do anything but relax in the sun, Lake Mead may be the perfect spot to spend your time.

Here’s a look at some of the best adventures to take on that we here at Callville Bay Resort & Marina want to make sure you’re enjoying.

#1: Horseback Riding

Do you love the thought of seeing Lake Mead by horseback? Get out of the boat and car and head off on a new adventure. It’s a slow-paced view of some of the most fabulous amenities in the area. You’ll see some stunning vistas of the lake here. There are also some nice areas to explore, including dry washes and deep canyons off in the distance. Don’t get too close to the cliffs, but check out the rock colorings that surround you at a safe distance.

Keep in mind it’s a rough ride – there isn’t a lot of available drinking water for you or the horse so plan your trip wisely. Your best bet is to check out the River Mountains Loop Trail.

#2: Canoeing and Kayaking

Depending on how brave you are, you may appreciate some time on the water in a canoe or kayak. Lake Mead is a fantastic place to go when you want to explore smooth or sometimes rough waters. You can even take a paddle boat along the waters. Most of Lake Mead (and nearby Lake Mohave) have calm waters making this a good place to learn and improve your skill.

You can also travel down the Black Canyon National Water Trail that makes up a part of the Colorado River. Most of it is smooth and perfect for a day of relaxing fun. You don’t have to own anything – you can rent it all nearby.

Our best suggestion, check out Willow Beach for some of the best paddle boating. Going upriver also gives you access to Emerald Cave and the hot springs!

#3: Backcountry Exploring

You came for the lake, but the backcountry in this area is phenomenal both to explore and to view. There are many backcountry roads to take you on your adventure. Make sure you follow only the approved roads. These are marked with a yellow arrow. With hundreds of miles of roads to explore, you’ll find everything from beautiful wildlife habits and stunning views of the surrounding area. Be careful, though, not to damage the desert soil. It’s critical for ensuring the habitat of these animals is maintained.

#4: Fishing

Fishing is one of the most loved reasons to visit Lake Mead, and with good reason. Depending on the time of year, there are many types of fish lurking in the waters here. That includes rainbow trout, striped bass, crappie, catfish and many others. The key to remember is that when you visit matters. On a routine basis, the NPS releases rainbow trout into the waters near Willow Beach (this typically happens on Fridays). You will also need to know the regulations for fishing on the water (if you decide to fish in both states, keep in mind the rules are different in each). For fishing opportunities, check out:

  • Hemenway Fishing Pier
  • Willow Beach Fishing Pier
  • Katherine Landing Fishing Pier

#5: Swimming

There’s a lot of fun to be had splashing in the water at Lake Mead. However, do not swim at the marinas nor at the launch areas. That’s not safe to do. You will find plenty of other suitable spots for swimming. Keep in mind there are no lifeguards here, so you will need to wear a lifejacket and avoid swimming alone. Boulder Beach is one of the best areas for swimming. You can also do so at PWC Beach if you like, though it is much rockier.

#6: Skydive

Do you want to see Lake Mohave and the surrounding area from a brand new vantage point? Go skydiving! There are a few operations available in the area that are able to provide you with some of the best experiences of your life. What better type of adventure is there than to jump out of a plane over Lake Mead, Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam?

There are several companies that offer these services. Check out:

  • Skydive Fyrosity
  • Skydive Las Vegas

#7: Scuba Dive

While the beaches are a lot of fun at Lake Mead, getting under the water is even more enjoyable. Scuba diving is an activity you can explore at Lake Mead (and Lake Mohave if you like). It’s often one of the best experiences because of how unique the water is. The depths range widely, and there are some fantastic locations for both the most experienced divers and those who are novices. Keep in mind that lake water constantly changes, and conditions change with them. That means this shouldn’t be something you do without a bit of guidance.

We recommend these dive sites:

  • Kingman Wash
  • Black Canyon in Boulder Basin
  • Cathedral Cove
  • Scuba Beach
  • Gypsum Reefs – Virgin Basin

There are some locations that require safety and only access through guided tours, such as the B-29 Superfortress area.

#8: Take a Cruise

For those who want an adventure that’s a bit safer and more laid back, a boat cruise is the ideal choice. There are various cruise companies available to help you make it an experience. The benefit here is that you’ll be able to really love the exploration of these cruises while enjoying the wind blowing (it’s a great way to cool down!)

#9: Take a Helicopter Tour

If jumping out of one isn’t your thing, don’t overlook the fun you can have on a helicopter tour. There are various organizations that offer them. They provide some of the best views of the region and can give you a lot of history of the area, too. You may find that Lake Mead air tours like this are one of the best ways to start your trip to get a feel for the area.

#10: Enjoy the Lake by Houseboat

There’s no doubt Lake Mead has much to offer, especially when you rent a houseboat. Enjoy the luxuries of home while simultaneously being one with nature. You really can’t beat a week long houseboat vacation. There’s adventure around every corner. Rent a personal watercraft in addition and have some fun exploring the coves while you’re out there. Or explore the many hiking trails in the area. The possibilities are endless.

There’s something special about Lake Mead. You’ll feel it in every adventure you have here. Visit our website or give us a call today to book your next vacation at Callville Bay Resort & Marina.

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