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Lake Mead Water Level – What it Means for Arizona

Just an hour away from Las Vegas lies an oasis that seems like a dream come true in the desert. Lake Mead is a massive body of water, which at its greatest depth is nearly 1,200 feet deep. With a shoreline that is defined by red rock cliffs and canyons, Lake Mead is a distinct and unique vacation destination — one that is filled with plenty of potential.

However, the water level at Lake Mead can have an impact on what you can do on this glorious body of water. Here’s what you need to know about the Lake Mead water level.

Current Lake Mead Water Level

The water level at Lake Mead varies based on the season. Generally, after the winter thaw, the water is deepest in the spring months. In both 2017 and 2018, the water level peaked in March. As the dry season begins, the water level can drop steeply between April and July, with July typically having the lowest levels. It should be noted that the water level in 2018 was historically low, which had environmental experts feeling nervous and on edge.

How Does the Water Level Impact Arizona?

The water level at Lake Mead impacts Arizona in a variety of ways, even beyond the tourism industry. The water level at Lake Mead is directly impacted by the Colorado River basin, which has been dwindling for several decades. Lake Mead supplies at least 40 percent of Arizona’s water, so low water levels are not only an environmental concern but also an economic concern. Experts continue to monitor the water levels, and action may be needed to reverse the course. 

However, there’s still plenty of water to enjoy on Lake Mead. Water sports, boating, fishing and swimming are all still possible on your Lake Mead vacation.

At Callville Bay Resort and Marina, we provide travelers with wonderful vacation opportunities on the glorious Lake Mead. From renting houseboats and spending your trip entirely on the water to small watercraft rentals that can enhance any Lake Mead vacation, we have the right opportunity for you. For more information on the current water level and to find out how we can improve your stay at Lake Mead, contact us today.

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