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Lake Mead Jet Ski Rentals | What to Know & Where to Go  

When you book a houseboat for the week, you get to enjoy 360-degree waterfront views for the duration of your vacation. Clearly, you are ready to spend some serious time on the water, and there’s no better way to maximize your time than by renting a jet ski (or personal watercraft). Jet ski rentals allow you to make the most of your vacation on Lake Mead, especially if you have recently booked a weekend getaway.

What You Need to Know About Jet Ski Rentals

The right jet ski will add a vital element of fun to your next Lake Mead houseboat vacation. Here are a few things you need to know before renting a personal watercraft from Callville Bay Resort & Marina:

  • You must meet the requirements before you can rent a personal watercraft from our marina. All renters must be at least 21 years old, and also have a valid driver’s license. Anyone who is born after 1983 also must be able to provide the marina with proof of a boater’s safety card. These are requirements established by the state of Nevada.
  • You will be renting high-quality equipment that is meticulously maintained. At Callville Bay Resort & Marina, we take pride in the fact that we care for our rental equipment. Our renters are able to enjoy more fun and less frustration because of our commitment to quality and maintenance.
  • Our qualified team members will teach you how to operate the personal watercraft before your rental begins. It is important that you listen to these instructions and adhere to them while you are on the water. These instructions are provided not only for your safety but also for your enjoyment of the equipment.
  • There are weight limits. We will provide you with information about the weight limit of the watercraft that you are renting. It is important to abide by these limits, particularly if there will be a passenger riding on the back as well.
  • The cost of your watercraft rental will vary based on how much time you want to rent the equipment for. There are hourly rates available, with a minimum of a two-hour rental. You also may opt for a half-day or full-day rental.

Our experienced staff members will make sure that you have everything you need before you head onto the water for a day of sailing on top of the waves. Jet ski rentals can add a rush to your weekend getaway that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy any other way.

Types of Jet Ski Rentals

At Callville Bay Resort & Marina, we offer a variety of watercraft rentals for our clients. Jet ski rentals are the perfect complement to your houseboat rental, allowing you to enjoy the waters of Lake Mead in different ways.

These are the type of jet ski rentals that may be available during your houseboat vacation on Lake Mead:

  • Standing jet ski — These personal watercrafts require the operators to stand for the duration of the ride. They are recommended for adults who are experienced with operating jet skis. There are some people who prefer to use this type of jet ski over sit-down models.
  • Sit-down jet skis — Years ago, the majority of jet skis required people to stand while operating them. Today, there are many sit-down models available, which are considered to be more comfortable by some riders. Those who are new to using a jet ski may feel more confident and secure while operating a sit-down jet ski.
  • Single-rider jet skis — There are jet skis available that are only designed for one person. It is imperative to adhere to this requirement, as it is not safe to put two or more people on a one-person jet ski.
  • Multi-passenger jet skis — If you want to rent a jet ski that allows you to ride with your children or with other adult passengers, then you need to rent a multi-passenger personal watercraft. These jet skis can be operated safely with two or three people on board. Be sure to verify the number of riders with marina staff before you take your rental equipment on the water.

If you have any questions about what we currently have in stock at Callville Bay Resort and Marina, give us a call at 702-565-4813.

Three Reasons Why You Should Add a Jet Ski Rental to Your Houseboat Booking

There are so many reasons why you should book a jet ski during your houseboat vacation on Lake Mead. Here are a few of the best reasons:

  • A jet ski allows you to experience Lake Mead in a different way. While your houseboat is filled with premier amenities, it is not going to be the thrilling ride that you will enjoy on a jet ski. Some jet skis can go up to 50 miles per hour, allowing you to experience a thrilling rush on the water with a breathtaking canyon backdrop.
  • A jet ski is an affordable way to add extra fun to your vacation. Instead of having to book expensive excursions and private tours, you can rent a jet ski for a couple of hours for a much lower price. At Callville Bay Resort & Marina, we have a variety of rental packages available. You can lower the cost by opting for a short-term rental or increase the value of your rental by opting for a daily rate.
  • A jet ski is an easy way to personalize your vacation experience. You can rent a jet ski to appeal to those who want a more adventurous stay on Lake Mead, while still giving other travelers the opportunity to rest and relax onboard the houseboat.

Renting a houseboat allows you to enjoy a weekend getaway that is both simultaneously adventurous and relaxing. During the day, you can jet along the waves and speed on top of the water. In the evening, you can sip your favorite beverage while watching the sunset from the deck of your private houseboat. Whether you are in the mood for a romantic trip for two or you need the perfect place to stay with a group of friends, a houseboat vacation on Lake Mead is your best bet. Contact Callville Bay Resort & Marina today to book your houseboat vacation. Don’t forget to ask us about our rental packages to see where you can save!

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