inside of a houseboat at Lake Mead

Here’s What the Inside of a Houseboat Looks Like  

Have you thought about renting a houseboat to explore all that Lake Mead has to offer? It is quite the experience. You’ll get to spend as much time as you want on the water with the people most important to you. It can be hard to know what to expect, though, especially if you have never experienced this type of trip before.

At Callville Bay Resort & Marina, we want to ensure you get the experience you want and need. To help you, we’ll show you the houseboat inside and out to ensure you can plan for your stay. Check out some of the best details:

50’ Houseboat

Renting a small houseboat can provide you with just enough space to really have plenty of fun. The 50-foot houseboats typically provide sleeping accommodations for up to six people, with ample space to spread out and enjoy the experience.

50' houseboat inside

The small houseboat interior is not as cramped as one would think, with ample space for sitting areas, a table area for meals and lots of room to move around. It’s easily a comfortable space for six people, with a full-size kitchen, lots of countertop space and storage room.

inside small houseboat room with queen size bed and cabinets

The bedrooms are welcoming and comfortable. With the 50’ houseboat, there are two private bedrooms on board with queen size beds. You’ll also have closet space for storing your items.

Many people wonder about the bathroom. Here’s the good news – it’s big too! There’s a standing shower that’s roomy enough and standard in size overall. There’s a toilet, sink, storage shelves, and all of the towels you can imagine. Most people will find this to be plenty of room to use the facilities comfortably.

60’ Houseboat

houseboat bedrooms with two beds

Stepping up a notch with the 60-foot houseboat will provide you with even more space to spread out. We offer two options here, the 59’ Deluxe houseboat and the 60’ Eagle houseboat. Both of them can sleep up to 10 people. Both feature four bedrooms (two private and two semi-private) with queen-size mattresses. You’ll have 1.5 bathrooms to use too. The bathrooms are comfortable with modern accessories.

large houseboat inside, with a table and chairs, a sofa, dining area and kitchen counter

The open living room of the boat is spacious, with a large kitchen and a countertop area that serves as a breakfast nook. There’s also a full-size kitchen table with chairs, perfect for gathering around for family dinners. The seating area offers a large, comfortable couch with a TV in front of it, creating a living room setup that’s comfortable and spread out. Of course, the windows all around the boat make this one of the best areas for natural light, too.

75’ Houseboat

Callville Bay’s 75-foot XTREME ADA-friendly houseboat is one of the finest houseboats you can rent at Lake Mead. It offers lots of room for up to 12 people – with six total bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. With lots of interior space, it will likely feel like home away from home.

large houseboat inside with wood features, large hightop dining room table, kitchen with breakfast bar and a sofa

As a larger boat, you’ll find more of what you need. That includes a beautifully designed interior with a large, wrap-around couch that’s perfect for watching movies or just hanging out together. A secondary coach is also available, providing ample seating for the entire group. There’s also a large, high-top table for everyone to sit at to enjoy meals and drinks. The modern vibe of this boat makes it a fantastic place to want to spend time.

large houseboat living area with table and chairs and sofa

There’s a countertop island with barstools for breakfast conversations. The kitchen is packed with a large refrigerator and lots of countertop space. It’s much like the traditional kitchen you’ll find at your home. Beautiful ceiling fixtures and detailing help to make this feel like an elegant place to be. You’ll love the flat-screen TV, too.

large houseboat room with queen size bed

When it comes to the bedrooms, the houseboat bedroom here offers a bit more storage and ample room for each person. Sleeping in a large houseboat like this with 11 other people doesn’t have to feel cramped, especially when there are six bedrooms to share. They all have windows to help them feel bigger, too. The master bedroom is even larger, with a fabulous layout, TV, and counter space for everything that you bring with you.

As for the bathroom, expect a bit of luxury here. That includes a large walk-in ADA-compliant shower. Spaciousness is the key to this bathroom space. There’s room to move, shower, and get all of the privacy you need.

This boat is a luxurious experience, offering all of the amenities most people need to truly love their trip to Lake Mead.

Don’t overlook the 70’ Titanium houseboat, too. Slightly smaller, it’s still stunning with all of its amenities inside and out. It offers four private rooms and two bathrooms for up to 12 people. There’s ample room to move within it, with a living room area, dining area, and a full kitchen so you can prepare meals together.

Which Houseboat Is Best for You?

When you look at the houseboat inside, it will not feel as though you are staying in a cabin or even on a boat itself. It’s a home on the water, and you’ll have all of the amenities and comforts expected there.

From the large to the small houseboat interior, consider the amount of space you need for your guests, but also the type of things you’ll do. Each of our houseboats offers lots of deck space, making it possible to do everything from fish to relaxing under the sun. Each area also boasts lots of seats so everyone can relax and enjoy the trip.

Worried About Driving a Houseboat?

You do not need to have a lot of experience to get into the captain’s chair. In fact, you will learn everything you need to when you visit Callville Bay. You will receive instructions and guidance on how to use every component of the boat, so you’ll feel at home and comfortable managing it.

No matter what type of experience you are planning, we can help you make it happen. Take some time now to book a houseboat on Lake Mead at Callville Bay Resort & Marina. We’re ready to help you enjoy life in a brand new way.

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