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Fishing at Lake Mead: Striped Bass, Catfish, and Bluegills

There’s no other form of fishing that’s quite as satisfying as that done from the comfort and convenience of a rented houseboat. Houseboat fishing lacks the long trek down to the water, there are no crowds of fishermen with which to contend, and best of all, you can wake in the early morning hours, yawn, stretch, and start fishing first on your time. You don’t even have to the leave the comfort of your deck to reel in the generous striped bass, catfish and bluegills that Lake Mead provides.

At Forever Houseboats, we enjoy introducing novices to the joys of a rented houseboat vacation. And for those who love to fish, it’s the perfect opportunity to experience the water without all the hassle that comes with that early morning trek down to the shore. Simply navigate your rented houseboat to the position you desire and cast a line. We even provide the gas barbecue grill so you can fry up your fish afterwards.

The Fish of Lake Mead

You’ve never experienced fishing until you’ve fished in Lake Mead. You’ll have 290 miles of water to cast your line into. And odds are you’ll pull back a nice-sized trout or bluegill if the bait is right. Striped bass as large as 40 pounds have been pulled from Lake Mead, and if you’re lucky and have great fishing skills, you just might luck out too.

Aside from the more famous fish of Lake Mead, you’ll also find crappie, sunfish, and channel catfish. It’s a fisherman’s paradise when you go houseboat fishing on Lake Mead. Forever Houseboats offers a number of luxury models from which to choose — all are long on comfort and convenience. If you’re looking for the best, most relaxing vacation, consider renting a houseboat and taking in a little fishing on gorgeous Lake Mead.

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