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Which Lake Mead Houseboat Rentals to Try Next

Both travelers and residents alike can enjoy the lakefront lifestyle at Lake Mead. If you want to plan a visit that is totally different from any other trip to Lake Mead, you may want to consider private houseboat rentals. 

Find Out Which Lake Mead Houseboat Rental is for You

Finding the right Lake Mead houseboat rental for your party is easy when there are multiple options available for all budgets and group sizes. Below you will find descriptions of all the houseboats we offer at Callville Bay Marina. 

5 Things You Need to Know Before Renting a Houseboat

Thinking about renting a houseboat on Lake Mead? We’ve come up with five things you need to know before making your reservation. 

Lake Mead Water Sports You’ll Want to Try

With over 247 square miles of water to use as your personal playground, Lake Mead boasts plenty of opportunities to go try out a new water sport. From skimboarding to water skiing, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! Take a look at the list of water sports you’ll want to try during your next visit to Lake Mead.

Top Places to Stay at Lake Mead

  Whether you’re headed to Lake Mead National Recreation Area for one night or several, here are some of the…

A List of Summer Songs to Add To Your Houseboat Playlist

Imagine lounging atop your houseboat deck with your closest friends and family. The smell of sunscreen and lake water fills your senses. The sun is shining and you’ve got a cold beverage in your hand. It doesn’t get much better than this! There’s only one thing missing…a song playing in the background that has you swaying back and forth to the rhythm.

What is there to do at Lake Mead Recreation Area?

When people ask, “What is there to do at Lake Mead?” we often answer, “What isn’t there to do?” From boating to scuba diving, here are some of our top recommendations for those planning a trip to Lake Mead Recreation Area.

Beginners Guide to Jet Skis

Planning on renting jet skis for the first time this summer? How exciting! At Callville Bay Resort & Marina, we’ve…

Top Nevada Lakes to Go Houseboating

Nevada is often thought of as a land of the desert, where the sun is hot and the air is dry. However, it’s actually a state filled with plenty of potential for fun on the water. One of the best ways to enjoy the water in Nevada is to book a houseboating trip.

Las Vegas Outdoor Adventures

Las Vegas is an oasis in the middle of the desert, providing adults with a playground filled with casinos, lavish swimming pools, and entertaining shows. However, sometimes even the most avid Las Vegas fans need to get away from it all. If you need a vacation from your Las Vegas vacation, consider some of these adventurous Las Vegas outdoor activities: