Where to Stay Near Lake Mead Nevada

Planning a trip to Lake Mead Nevada, but don’t want to drive home in the dark? Stay awhile! Here are some of the most convenient places to stay near Lake Mead Nevada.

Why You Should Rent a Lake Mead Jet Ski and Houseboat

At Callville Bay Marina, we offer some of the best houseboat and watercraft options on Lake Mead. Make a splash this year by reserving your favorite family vacation so far. Here’s why you should rent a Lake Mead jet ski and houseboat.

3 Lake Mead Hikes to Explore this Fall

Fall is the perfect time to visit Lake Mead. The temperatures are cooler, the summer crowds have left, and the hiking trails are abundant. Whether you’re looking for a challenging hike or a less strenuous one, Lake Mead National Recreation Area has plenty for you to choose from.

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do Around Lake Mead Marina

Lakes are just for boating, right? Not necessarily! There are several activities on and around the lake that you may not have even considered. Check out these five interesting and fun things you didn’t know you could do around Lake Mead Marina.

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